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About The Continuous

The Continuous is a rock band known for their unique blend of cinematic undertones with hard-hitting drums, soul-crushing guitars, and gritty vocals. Founded in 2018 and led by the vision of singer, songwriter, and producer Tommy Embers, they aim to revolutionize the music industry and catalyze a multi-generational transformation of society through music, art, and community.


When their debut single "Believe" released in 2019, the band quickly made a name for themselves, earning the title of "the soundtrack to democracy" after placing second in the Songs For Good 2020 songwriting competition with their socially-fueled track "Change Is Coming". The band's participation in the songwriting competition helped establish their reputation as a socially-conscious band and validated their mission to use music as a catalyst for change. In 2021, the band expanded their line-up, welcoming new member Ty Thurmond, who brought a wealth of new energy, creativity, and unique perspectives to the band's music and mission. 


Their debut EP "Metanoia" was released in spring 2022, with the intention to use this music to make a lasting impact on the lives of millions and leave a legacy across the globe. This EP is a reflection of the transformative change that the band's lead singer, Tommy, has undergone since he first conceptualized the band, and takes its listeners through his emotional and mental struggles, offering moments of sorrow, despair, self-identity, hope, survival, and unity. Their music has reached millions of people and garnered over 750,000 streams globally.

With a bright future on the horizon, the band plans to focus on expanding and promoting  The Seeker's Journey, a program designed to help fans discover and understand what they want to positively change about themselves in order to become their best version. They also plan to continue writing music that shares the themes and stories of difficult change and how humans are capable of overcoming even the worst of circumstances. The Continuous will never stop working hard to refine their art and connect with fans who share their vision for a better world.


“This upcoming generation is full of the attentive, passionate, and progressive ones. We lead the world in discovering change, first by starting within ourselves. We maintain the endurance to survive. It is within us that we will find the key to unlocking a just and equal future for all. A world unified. A world at peace.” 

-Tommy Embers, 2022

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