1. We are Continuity. 

This community belongs to all of us, whether joining a day or a decade ago. We have united together to make a difference in the world by catalyzing and inspiring positive change. We are the Seekers of Continuity.

2. Decentralized Democracy.

We use democratic process for our decision making, and operate from a decentralized manner in order to guarantee there is no one single persons in charge of Continuity. Anyone can start a new Continuity Tribe as long as they adopt these guidelines.

3. We believe in Equality.

This is a community for all stretches of humanity, from all backgrounds, demographics, and struggles. We fight for all people, under all conditions, and see each other as equals. 

4. We are Selfless and non-violent in Deed and Action.

In order to be most effective in our efforts, every decision we make must come from a state of selflessness and empathy, without any malicious or violent intent.

5. Collective Unity brings us together.

We are unified in the fight for a society that works for everyone, and share our efforts in alignment with other movements, organizations, communities, and causes.

6. Influence and reinforce through action.

We take “practice what we preach” to heart through taking meaningful action within our own lives, in order to positively inspire others.

7. We are genuine.

In order to become the people we desire to become, we must first accept the truth in who we already are. We treat others the same as we desire to be treated, and remain honest to both ourselves and to each other.

8. We grow from the grassroots.

Continuity is a self-initiated, community driven entity, and every decision must move us forward together, in harmony. Our strength comes in numbers and is a key aspect to the success of our efforts, which means we must always focus on introducing new Seekers to the community.


9. We help others.

We aren’t afraid to ask for help when we need it, and are always doing our best to give back a helping hand when we can.


Are you ready to become a Seeker of Continuity?