Epic rock music

with a mission to

battle climate change

- CARL SAGAN (1934-1996)

From afar, The Continuous may appear to be a band, resonating undertones of cinematic rock and futuristic electro-pop. But like an iceberg, the depth and size beneath the surface equates much larger than what meets the eye; herein is Continuity, a creative activist community formed to unite musicians and creatives alike to find viable solutions for social outreach and education on climate change.

The community operates on a simple set of principles.

We call ourselves Seekers.


Beneath the music resides G.R.A.S.P, a mysterious, artificially intelligent computer program sent back in time from the year 2063 with a mission to warn humanity of what the outcome of climate change will become in the future.

G.R.A.S.P elected The Continuous as messengers of the crisis.

With this, we maintain focus on one primary mission...


Our mission is to positively inspire, influence, and educate others through the use of music, film, and art on the dangerous threats of climate change, and what we must all do to help. We hope to raise awareness about where humanity is headed, and help to find solutions for various societal, technological, environmental, economical, and political (STEEP) issues that directly effect millions of people across the globe.

As part of this mission, we aim to donate at least 15% of all proceeds towards various causes and non-profits aligning with our mission to reverse the climate crisis and erase social dissonance. 

Click here to learn more about how you can become a Seeker and help us take action.

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The Continuous currently consists of

vocalist Tommy Embers, but is looking to expand..

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